After being home and paralyzed I could no longer afford to go out and get the products for my hair and while home I discover my journey of rediscovering my inner beauty and how to truly love me while in the process.

So while at home on bed rest, these things have started to take a toll on my body one being  my skin  and the other my hair. So I begin to discover all kinds of natural products to help my hair and skin as it was falling out from the endless medications and treatments and the stroke.

Everything I tried from over the counter to vitamins lotions and potions nothing seemed too worked, it  would interact with either my medications or they were to intense

​So that’s when  I decided to create something  that  was all natural , just as affective, and  would still help to treat the symptoms of what I was experiencing but would not counteract with my meds.

What is Tae's Beauty:

Tae's Beauty is about letting every woman know that regardless or her ability or disabilities, looks or the outer beauty that society defines us in. Every woman has a true inner beauty and it should be celebrated! Whether that’s treating yourself to a relaxing bath, scalp massage or doing anything that makes you feel beautiful