What Makes Us So Unique

Unlike most hair care products which only work on the surface, Tae's Beauty products work to improve the condition of your hair starting from the inside of your body. Infused with Infused With natural bonitcal oils, herbs and vitamins A, D & E to help repair damage, dry, brittle hair, relieve itchy scalp and soothe the skin.

Formulated to facilitate healthy, stronger hair from the inside out, each ingredient was chosen for it's unique healthy hair properties. you can literally drink your way to healthier, longer stronger hair!

Growth Oil that supports hair health from root to tip. This concentrated blend of powerful oils deeply penetrates the scalp and hair to restore vitality, elasticity and strength

Our aromatherapeutic bath beads are formulated Epsom salt and Dead Sea salt and enriched with vitamins A, C, D and minerals to soften skin and calm your mind. Renews & rejuvenates your senses

Made in the USA


10% of proceeds  will be donated to  the  nonprofit  Www.mfsefoundation.org 


All Natural

All Organic

  take away all the stress and

   step into luxury and discover

  the true inner beauty that

you are